Takedown Recurve Bows

For the first time, with the Classic and Sport TDR, Striker Bows is offering takedown recurve bows with the option of interchangeable limbs. This option gives the ability to universally change out limbs on any 2016 takedown model without the need for custom fitting the limbs to the riser. This step helps bridge the gap between a custom fitted takedown model and a ready-to-go takedown model.

The Classic and Sport TDR are based upon our Stinger takedown bow model, a 60” recurve, with an updated and improved limb design. A smaller, forward pistol grip style handle includes a thumb rest designed to consistently position your hand in the correct spot every time. The short 14” riser height allows for longer working limbs at a shorter overall bow length. These factors, along with the modern recurve limb design, results in a smooth drawing, quiet shooting, performance producing combination.

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