Steps for Ordering your Custom Striker Bow

 The beauty of choosing your custom bow is in your own hands! Here are the steps to take for a new Striker custom with our easy to use order guide:

Step 1: Choosing right/ left hand, poundage, and the limb style and length that is most suitable to you.
  • Draw weight poundage can range as low as 30# up to 60# (we guarantee +/- 2 lbs.)
  • Depending on which model you chose, the limb style can come in longbow and recurve with lengths that can range from 56″, 58″, and 60″.
Step 2: Choosing your wood types.
  • You have option between a Solid riser or 2-tone riser option, with the 2-tone including a $100 upgrade fee.
  • Wood combinations are broke out between Standard Options and Premium options, with any Premium wood option including a $100 upgrade fee. We’ve worked with many high end types of exotic and action woods.
  • The freedom of a custom bow is that the wood choice is up to you.
Step 3: Choosing your handle type/getting it custom fitted.

Pointed out in the picture below are the 4 characteristics that determine the style of handle that is best for you.

  • #1  This designates the throat of the bow handle.
  • #2  This designates the front of the finger grip.
  • #3 This designates the back of the palm and bottom of the thumb area.
  • #4 This is the width of the bow handle.

There are 4 basic types of handle styles on a custom Striker. The bows below left to right range from small and sleek and up to a thicker full handle for those desiring a bigger grip in the picture below.

  • -Medium Palm Swell – Our most handle option. This is also our smallest handle option. Each handle characteristic is sleek for a small form fitting handle.
  • -Large Palm Swell – This handle has a thicker throat and front finger grip (characteristic’s #1 and #2) than the medium palm swell.
  • -Medium Locator Grip – This handle has a little less front finger grip (characteristic #2). A throat style of the medium palm swell (characteristic #1)  but has a deeper back palm area (characteristic #3). This also has a little wider handle than the palm swell handles (characteristic #4).
  • -Large Locator Grip – This is our largest handle option. This has the largest throat handle option (characteristic #1). A front finger grip similar to the large palm swell (characteristic #3). The largest back palm area (characteristic #3). The largest width of the handle styles (characteristic #4).You also have the option of getting your handle custom fit in our shop. This is dependent on your ability to travel to our shop and have the fit done. We’re always happy to have customer’s come to the shop and leave knowing their handle is unique to them and their preferences. The option’s up to you at no extra charge.
Step 4: Deposit, completion and shipment. 
  • To finalize your order, a $100 non-refundable deposit will get your custom bow in line and ready to be built. The full bow amount is due upon completion of your order.
  • Once your bow is completed, we will notify you and  settle any remaining balance. We will re-confirm your ship address and ship your bow out.
  • We’re happy to answer any question regarding your bow once received, but it’s time to enjoy!