Custom Traditional Bows That Stand Out

Striker Bows has been a top builder of traditional reflex-deflex design custom bows for over 21 years. We offer custom one-piece, and takedown traditional bows. The custom shop represents our highest level of hand-made quality using the best materials available. This provides customers with access to a large selection of exotic and action wood combinations. Therefore, every custom bow is designed to the specification of the customer. This results in a one-of-a-kind product in the hands of every customer.

The Fastback

The Fastback has become a favorite of many traditional archers from all around the world. Not only a bow that is visually stunning, but one that performs on level of its own. You will not find a traditional bow that can match the comfort of a Fastback in your hand. Shooting this bow is a pleasure you must experience for yourself.

The Stinger Takedown

The takedown bow that started it all. The Stinger Takedown bow was the first forward handle design to be introduced as a takedown model in the Striker lineup. This handle sports one of the slimmest in the industry. This pistol grip style, with the thumb rest, helps to put your hand in the same place every time for repeatability that is key in traditional archery. 

The Stinger One-Piece

The Striker Stinger is a forward handle reflex deflex design longbow that has a lot to offer the archer. This bow is very smooth and pleasant to shoot. The advantage of a forward handle riser is the natural positioning of the shooters hand. The forward handle allows the archers hand to be positioned directly under the shelf of the bow for pin point accuracy (this bow repeats very well).

A Custom Experience To Please Any Archer

Precise draw weights, and unique handle designs are crafted to accommodate even the most demanding archer. As a result, we provide many options when designing your custom bow. This is all done to develop the most comfortable and effective grip for a truly custom built bow.
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To start your custom order, choose from one of our three custom bow models: The Fastback Custom Takedown, The Stinger Custom Takedown or the Stinger Custom One-Piece. After you have selected the model of your choice, simply fill out the custom order form to completely customize your bow!

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