Traditional Arrows

Traditional arrows ready to shoot

All of our Black Eagle traditional arrows are cut to a full length of 32 inches, and include field points with the option of 125 or 145 grains. All arrows also come feather fletched, and ready to shoot. Black Eagle arrows are spine matched to ensure every arrow matches the exact specifications you expect. Available in packs of 6 and 12.

Whether you are just starting out or even a veteran, choosing the right spine for your traditional shooting arrows can be a daunting task. Striker Bows has put together a chart to help you choose the arrow spine that is most optimized for your style of shooting. We have split the chart between what we have found to be the most optimized arrow spine for target shooters and hunting shooters. Simply find your bow’s poundage at a drawlength of 28 inches and match that up with the optimized spine for your style of shooting. If you are a shooter who does a little of everything, you may want to pickup several variations.

See the chart below for optimized arrow spines!

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