A perfected Longbow design

For 20 years Striker Bows has been working to perfect the one-piece longbow, and now offers a standard line of handcrafted one-piece longbows. These bows are ready-to-order, you just pick your draw weight and go!

The modern reflex-deflex design, and slimmer pistol style grip provide an extremely high performing One-Piece bow. Weighing under two pounds, they also provide a high degree of mobility. In addition to this, the level of craftsmanship can very easily be seen in any Striker One-Piece bow. Being visually stunning in their design, they stand out from all other bows on the market today. Shooting a Striker One-Piece bow is an experience that cannot be replicated by any other bow out there.

The Sport and Classic

The Striker Classic was designed with any style of bowyer in mind. Natural bocote wood and a length of 60″ cover the bases on anything from target practice to deep cover hunting. The Striker Sport was designed with the hunter in mind. Darker wood and a shorter length at 58″ were implemented for ease in the woods.

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