RK1 Takedown Raw Carbon Longbow – 55#@28″. 62″ Length


  • 55#@28″
  • 62″ Length
  • Right Handed
  • Longbow Limbs
  • Riser – Woodland M81 Camo
  • Limbs – Raw Carbon Fiber Wrapped-Woodland M81 Camo

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The RK1 Takedown Bow features a fully machined aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum riser in a torqueless style grip typically available on modern compound bows. This feature allows for an easier transition for the compound archer to move into traditional archery equipment, and now allows the traditional archer to experience the nail driving accuracy of a torque free grip. 

The RK1 Takedown Bow features a 16″ riser height that allows for enough sight window to shoot instinctively or attach a sight. The height is also short enough to give plenty of working limb at a 60” bow length resulting in a smoother shooting bow. Also featured is the flexibility to shoot directly off the shelf or with an elevated rest. This allows for transition between the woods to the 3D course without changing entire bow setups. Bow comes with side plate rest attachment, string, silencers, and stringer.