Stinger Custom Takedown Longbow – 34#@28″. 60″ Length – **SOLD**


  • 34#@28″
  • 60″ Length
  • Longbow Limbs
  • Right Handed
  • Riser – Two-Tone Bocote and Ziricote
  • Riser striping – Black / Ziricote / Black
  • Limbs – Peruvian Walnut
  • Overlays – Bocote on Ziricote

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The takedown bow that started it all. The Stinger Takedown bow was the first forward handle design to be introduced as a takedown model in the Striker lineup. This handle sports one of the slimmest in the industry. This pistol grip style, with the thumb rest, helps to put your hand in the same place every time for repeatability that is key in traditional archery. The Stinger takedown is universally interchangeable between recurve and longbow limbs. With a 14” riser height, this gives the bow longer working limbs to help eliminate handshock and stacking all while having a shorter overall bow.

Custom Bow Features:

  • Laminated wood with glass
  • 2-pin and bolt takedown limb design
  • Forward handle design with thumb rest
  • Various action and exotic wood riser and veneers available
  • Action bamboo limb cores
  • 14” riser height
  • Front and back overlay design on bow handle for deeper throat
  • Felt rest & side plate
  • Sight window cut past center
  • Phenolic reinforced front and back tips
  • Engraved Stinger Logo
  • Fast flight strings with woolie whisper silencers
  • Brace height: 7-1/2 to 8 inches (from string to throat of grip)
  • Sealed in a matte finish