Stinger Custom One Piece Longbow –52#@28″. 58″ Length **IN-STOCK**


  • 52#@28″
  • 58″ Length
  • One Piece Longbow
  • Right Handed
  • Riser – 2-Tone- Cocobolo / Stabilized Curly Maple / Cocobolo
  • Riser Stripes – Black / Yew / Black
  • Limbs – Cocobolo
  • Overlays – Cocobolo on Curly Maple

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The Striker Stinger is a forward handle reflex deflex design longbow that has a lot to offer the archer. This bow is very smooth and pleasant to shoot. The advantage of a forward handle riser is the natural positioning of the shooters hand. The forward handle allows the archers hand to be positioned directly under the shelf of the bow for pin point accuracy (this bow repeats very well). With the handle in the forward position this gives the limbs a relaxed state allowing for a much smoother draw. Like all the other Strikers this bow has a great cast and the shelf is cut to center, without any hand stock, making the Striker Stinger a pleasure to shoot.

Custom Features:

  • Laminated wood with glass
  • Forward handle design with thumb rest
  • Action bamboo limb cores
  • 18” riser height
  • Felt rest & side plate
  • Sight window cut past center
  • Phenolic reinforced front and back tips
  • Finished with a matte style finish
  • Brace height: 7-1/2 to 8 inches (from string to throat of grip)
  • Sealed in a matte finish