Stringing a traditional bow using a stringer

Dusty shows you how to string up a traditional bow using a Selway stringer. This method works for traditional one piece or takedown longbows and recurves. You are walked through the entire process of stringing your traditional bow from start to finish. You are also shown how not to string up a traditional bow.

Bow stringer used in this video: Selway Stringer
Available here: Here

Steps to stringing a traditional bow using a stringer:

1. Do NOT pull the limb between your legs.
2. Find the top and bottom of your string.
3. Slide the top loop of your string over the string grove.
4. Place the bottom loop into the string groove.
5. Securely place the pouch of your stringer on the bottom limb of the bow.
6. Place the gripper portion of the stringer through the top limb and past the string.
7. Place both feet in the center of the stringer.
8. Pull up on the stinger and slide the top loop into the string grove.
9. Slowly release the stringer making sure it is in place.
10. Double check the string is securely set on both ends, and gently pull back on the string (NOT letting go, or dry firing) to ensure it is in place.

Now you are ready to shoot your bow!