High Performance Traditional Bows
Striker traditional bows incorporate the trend of a short riser design. This allows for longer working limbs to give the shooter a smoother draw. Therefore making it a quiet shooting, high performing traditional bow. Striker Bows is committed to providing handcrafted, custom grade products. Every bow produced embodies everything expected out of a high end, handcrafted traditional bow. Our new interchangeable limb and riser design helps put our bows in to customer’s hands faster than ever.
Over 25 Years Of Innovation
Established in 1997 by Master Bowyer, Rick Ellis, Striker Bows has offered top of the line handcrafted reflex-deflex design traditional bows for over 20 years. Every bow form has been hand designed by Rick, and the craftsmanship shows. The Sport and Classic traditional longbow models were the first models to be offered as a “ready-to-order” option. We have now added the Sport TDR, Classic TDR, and RK1 models to the mix.

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